Telegram Desktop Download
Telegram Desktop Download

Telegram Desktop Download is license-free software for any PC or laptop. The telegram is one of those applications that support communication through chat services.

It is a tool that supports and interchanges the text, images, and files. We are using for instant communication. All PC and cellphone users can download and use it for free.

How you can use web telegram Desktop Download:

You can use a web telegram messenger on your laptop PC with ease. First of all, you should open a tab on your Google Chrome. First, you need to download the telegram for the desktop. 

Then you click on it. On it provide your mobile number with country code. Then it sends the replication code to your cell. 
That way you are now able to use Telegram.

 You can send emojis, photos to anyone and have a conversation. Even you can include your channel on telegram. Here you can download it for your desktop windows 32 bit/64 bit.

Features of Telegram Desktop Download:

Top 10 Telegram features 

1. Editing Messages:

  • One of the many very useful features of telegrams. We can boast in front of their counterparts is editing messages. You can opt for correcting your message to do this press and hold the message. 

  • Here’ you wish to change and select Edit from the options. That appears you can rewrite or change as much as. You want, unlike Facebook. There will be no sign. You have in fact edited the message. Unless of course, the recipient has already read it.

2. Data Storage: 

You can turn off automatic download media and save your phone memory. While this option is not in WhatsApp.

3. Chat Setting: 

After going to three dots, go to Settings. Once in Settings, come to Chat. Then click on the chat setting option. So you get two options, two lines, and three-line options. This means that as the message goes to him, there will be two lines. 

4. Password Lock: 

  • We will now go to Accounts. There you will find the Privacy and Security settings. Then click on the Privacy and Security Setting option. Here you will find the option of Password Lock.

  • As soon as you click on the password lock, you have to press the button to pick the password you remember.

5. Two-Step Verifications: 

  • You need to go to the Privacy security setting for this feature. After clicking on Privacy and Security. You have to click on the two-step verification option. This means if your number is on someone else's. And this other person has tried to create an account with your number.

  • Even if you gave him OTP then he could not make an account because of this feature. If you have this two-step verification feature turned on from your application. So keep this option enabled.

6. Pinned Contact:

Next is our feature we have many contacts and we can put our favorite number first. This is the option for the pin number you see pinned to the top. If this number needs to be un-pinned, you will click on the number above. You can unpin it.

7. Chat Hide Option:

If we want to keep the chat of a particular number in our contact list a secret number we can use it to hide. Hold down the number you want to hide and click the archive above. You will see the required number is hiding.

8. Mute Number:

What will you do if a number is bothering you by sending a message and you do not want to delete it? You click on this number and change the number from the go mute option for a specific time.

9.Private Chat Lock: 

How can you lock any chat? We call it Secret Chat. To turn this on, you must first go to 3 dots. Here you will see an option Click New Secret Chat. This option is disabling. On the off chance that you wish to keep this talk private.This the option is for making you.

10. Led Color: 

You can set a custom color for the notification. which will set the color in which the notification will appear?


You know that millions of people still use telegram today. Telegram Desktop Download is a super powerful messaging service. It enables sending texts and exchanging photos of videos audio and files at any time. Telegram's features distinguish it from any other messenger.
Last Updated On
March 19, 2020
Runs on
Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / XP
File size
22.14 MB
Compatibility Architecture
32 Bit / 64 Bit

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